Drainage Corrections and Other Sprinkler Repair in Mesquite TX

drainage problems solved by sprinkler repair in Mesquite TXThere is plenty of talk about not having enough water in the Mesquite area and the constant water restrictions, but what about those times when we get the remnants of tropical storms rolling in? What about the rainy season – March in particular. Having too much water in your landscape can kill your lawn and plants faster than a long term drought.

This is why our team is just as adamant about drainage as it is about sprinkler repair in Mesquite. In fact we think the two should go hand in hand.

Standing water in a yard can cause all of the following:

  • Mosquito infestation
  • Root rot in annual and perennial plants
  • Soil erosion
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Tree and shrub death

Drainage System Design by Our Mesquite Irrigation Team

Mesquite irrigation contractor draws up plansWhen we design a system, drainage lines are very important. In areas that tend to pool water we might install a French drain system that will allow the water to drain away from the pooling area. These drains are rather simple and consist of a flat surface (either a slate or half a 3” PVC pipe) covered in pea gravel. This allows rainwater to be diverted to other areas of the lawn without taking essential topsoil with it.

For more serious drainage issues we can install complete underground drain systems that collect excess water and divert it to a curbside municipal drain. These systems can be put in with a direct line from gutter downspouts to prevent excessive rain water from collecting near the foundation of the home before it can drain away.

Our Mesquite irrigation team can also put in a dry well or a sump system if the grade of your lawn is such that it sits lower than the surrounding drainage system inlets. While these are extreme conditions, they may be necessary to retain the unique look and feel of your landscape. These drain systems are easily integrated into the existing yard and don't stand out in any way.

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